Our Safe Process

The process we have developed enables engineers to carry out works for duct entry in a safe and controlled manner, minimises environmental impact and causes no damage to cable sheaths.

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The Process

Whether you choose a yearly licensing option or contract Eco-Live to conduct works for you, the process is the same. Our methods offer greater precision in fault finding, provide live on-site data and focus heavily on minimised local disruption and engineer safety.


Use the ControlPoint app to pinpoint the asset and assign the work. Prepare site, excavate area and conduct a point of work risk assessment.


Input the data into the ControlPoint app to ensure safety and to identify the exact tool settings required.


Once the area has been excavated clean and identify the duct type.


Mark out cut lines and sensor points on the duct.


Conduct ultrasonic depth checks on the sensor points and confirm the results on the app.


Set the equipment to the correct tooling parameters for duct type, size and depth requirements provided by the app.


Complete a pilot plunge and review the membrane.


Pierce the membrane and complete a gas check procedure.


Conduct routing process to the required length and review the membrane.


Apply localised heat to remove window and gain access to the duct.


The cable is now exposed allowing remedial works to be completed.

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