About us

Eco-live is an accumulation of Eco-Drill, Peak Pipe Systems and ControlPoint working in collaboration to improve safety and provide innovation into the working practices currently being used within the industry.


Eco-Drill specialise in directional drilling and utility solutions, using the very latest equipment and technology. Experts in the installation of power, water, gas, sewer and telecoms, utilising traditional open cut and (where possible) no-dig solutions. Eco-Drill strive to provide clients with the highest possible standards of quality and efficiency on all contracts and the quality of workmanship and attention to detail in its services is a source of pride for all of their teams.

Peak Pipe Systems

Peak Pipe Systems provide professional polyethylene solutions for all infrastructure projects. With over 40 years of experience providing water/gas pipe and fittings, electric cable ducting and innovative products, delivered to the highest of standards to a range of market sectors.


ControlPoint’s products and services improve data capture, installation quality and literally save companies millions. They have provided unique mobile and database applications to the utilities (gas and water) sector for over a decade and ensure newly laid assets stand the test of time, with anticipated life of over 200 years. ControlPoint have a key understanding into the value of on-site, real time data capture, and have integrated technology into equipment so that information is always available on-site and in real time.

Our Approach

Safe, efficient and responsible operations to ensure we conduct our work in a risk free environment

Enhance our insight to better understand the needs of our customers’ and continue to deliver innovative solutions

Offer expert consulting, project management and procedural solutions across the entirety of a contract

Provide an expert team of engineers and consultants with continued development so we always have the best people in the industry

Continued development of innovative, sustainable and safe working practices by investing in research, innovation and emerging technologies

Close collaboration with our clients ensures we keep our promises and support the development of broader services and solutions we are able to offer

Employment Opportunities

We are always on the look out for new and experienced individuals to join our growing team.

If you’re interested in joining our team fill in your details below and we’ll get back to you.

    Core Capabilities

    Our core capabilities reside in working with companies that utilise Cable ducting in many different industries. We are able to enter any duct type or system in a safe and cost effective manner and have the ability to track data in real time via the ControlPoint application. We are able to precisely pinpoint a fault and conduct maintenance or repair work with no risk of harm or liability due to our unique process and equipment.

    Safe Duct Entry

    Cost Savings

    Data Tracking

    Our innovative solution for duct access and entry also benefits the environment with our process being less intrusive to the landscape; meaning less trenches to dig, less traffic, less CO2 emissions, less reinstatement and less local disruption. We have the ability to safely enter any type of duct including; Communications, Telecommunication, Fibre Cabling, Electric Cabling, Asset Owners and Private Ducting. Our methods significantly decrease costs, time-scales and engineer risk and we can offer our services in various ways including a full service solution, license agreement or service level agreement that suits you.

    Our Sector Focus

    We can provide our safe and unique services to all industries and sectors that utilise Cable ducting across the whole of the UK, including:

    • DNO’s / IDNO’s
    • Asset Owners
    • Communication/Telecommunication Companies
    • Fibre Networks
    • Private Networks

    Fibre Cable Networks

    High Voltage Networks

    Telecommunication &
    Communication Networks

    Private Networks

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