Current working methods for duct entry within the industry are arguably unsafe and can have massive cost implications. We have created an innovative safe solution that also reduces costs and has low environmental impact.

The Problem When Entering Cable Ducting

Ducting is used extensively across the UK for the installation of utilities and has many advantages, but there are some major disadvantages that are a big cause for concern with regards to faults and exposure which impacts on safety, costs and the environment.

Currently it is difficult and costly to access utilities as a means to; inspect, isolate, make connections or carry out maintenance works and repairs. Engineers often have to excavate multiple and larger areas to pinpoint a fault which has direct impact on the efficiency of the required work. Asset owners safety systems are both inconsistent and arguably unsafe. They potentially put employees and engineers at risk and can impact time scales, have huge cost implications and the local disruption can be exponential.

This problem requires innovation and a new method of working to improve engineer safety, minimise local disruption and have a more cost-effective duct access solution.

The Solution

Eco Live have created an innovative and effective solution that allows engineers to carry out any required works efficiently and most of all, safely.

The process allows works to be undertaken without risk to employee’s health and safety and with greater precision, cutting back on time, cost implications and creating less disruption with a reduced environmental impact. This solution can be conducted from a single excavation point directly above the suspected fault, or when the service requires exposure while the cables are live or isolated and causes no damage to the cable sheaths.


Huge Cost


Low Environmental

Key Benefits

  • Annual license available with equipment, application and full training
  • Reduction in risk & liability (for DNO/IDNO) improving safety
  • Reduction in repair times & projected major cost reductions
  • Less excavation & associated site works
  • Enables more extensive use of HDD & plastic ducts
  • Reduced environmental impact; Less traffic disruption, less spoil, less reinstatement, reduced time-scales for repair, reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Better customer satisfaction supports “always on” initiatives
  • Full service available from Eco-Live
  • Annual license available with equipment, application and full training
  • Service level agreement available to suit your requirements

The ControlPoint App

To accompany this process the ‘ControlPoint Application’ has been developed to assist the technician in multiple ways. The App allows for real time process control and capture, is linked with GPS to precisely locate the area of a suspected fault and provides live technical data to allow any works to be carried out quickly and effectively.

Precise GPS Tracking

Real Time Process Control

Tooling Parameter Data

Live Technical Data

Just like you, we’re Environmentally Conscious

With Government environmental standards constantly being raised, industries are being pushed to take action and conduct business in a more ‘Green’ manner which means making changes to help reach these standards and provide a better world for future generations.

We incorporate sustainable values throughout our ethos where ever we can and promote environmentally friendly methods within our process to help cut carbon emissions, create less spoil and less reinstatement.

Eco-Live are committed to having a low impact on the environment and we continue to strive for developments to push our ‘Eco ethos’ further.

Low environmental impact
Reduced traffic disruption
Less reinstatement and less spoil
Fewer trenches
Less CO2 emissions
Reduced time-scales

A Tailored Solution For Your Business

Eco-Live understand that one shoe doesn’t fit all, that’s why we offer our services in multiple ways and provide different options to cater for all business needs. We can carry out projects for you, license our products and train you, or offer you a full service level agreement tailored for your business. What ever your needs, we have you covered.

The Full Service Solution

Eco-Live offer a full tailored service providing our expertise, engineers and safe, cost effective working practices to your company. We will take on any projects you require our assistance with and will always conduct ourselves in a safe and professional manner whilst offering the best quality service possible.

License Agreement

You can choose to license our products, equipment and application on an annual basis. Full training will be provided to your team of engineers and Eco-Live will be on hand at all times to offer live support and assist with any technical issues.

Our Service Level Agreement

Eco-Live are able to offer varying levels of SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) and will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure the service commitment we provide minimises downtime and impact on your business and infrastructure.

We can offer a flexible approach that suits your business.

Peace of mind
for asset owners

Savings on costly repairs
and maintenance

Savings on costly repairs
24 HR response call centre

If you would like to learn more about our Service Level Agreements or tailored solutions – talk to us today.